Popular CSGO Youtuber Jordy ‘MojoOnPC’ Janssens has released a diss track on ‘Anomaly’ accusing him of being shady and promoting gambling to his underage audience.

After taking a sabbatical of almost months, the Youtuber with over a million subs dropped a bombshell by accusing Anomaly from being a tax evader as well as the gambling sites he used to promote of being shady.

In the middle of the track, he stopped to explain what he had discovered.

“Bro, like quite honestly, Anomaly is one the shadiest guys in the CS:GO scene.”
“His fanbase is clearly not older than sixteen and he’s just brainwashing them
bro. He literally said in one of his videos ‘if I’m not going to make gambling videos, my dad will die.’ We know how many videos he has to make to retire his dad – it’s one. He made 25,” he said.

CSGO has been the centre of controversy among some Youtubers from a while now, which started when Tmartn and Syndicate were caught promoting a gambling site which they partly owned and which had inflated odds for them to entice viewers, most of whom were not even allowed to gamble. More recently, YouTubers like ricegum and Jake Paul have been caught up in a similar controversy.

Image Credits: MojoOnPC

While Anomaly is yet to respond to the track, before its release he did tweet “Disstrack in 2019” with a thinking face emoji. In the coming few days we can expect a proper reply either as a new video or on his social media handles.