Gamers have been notorious in not attending to an emergency and continuing to play games instead, and the newest incident on Twitch further emphasizes that.

A Twitch streamer by the name of “Trainwrecks” did not seem to pay heed to a fire alarm in his apartment, instead he kept opening CSGO cases in hopes of finding a “butterfly knife.”

The incident, which occured on October 8th, further highlights how we take emergencies lightly. After initiall having gone to the door to check, Trainwrecks casually came back to his computer to open cases again.

It was only when the alarm did not stop for 10 minutes, that he actually went off stream in safety and to find out what was happening in his apartment. “Yo, I gotta check this out, chat,” he said.

While this time he was actually off screen for about 5 minutes, he showed no signs of anxiety or fear when he returned, suggesting that the alarm was a hoax, and continued the stream like nothing had happened.

A similar video had gone viral last year where a streamer left no stone unturned to finish his match and get a win for his team in the midst of a fire alarm, before getting out to safety.


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