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CSGO pro s1mple’s Porsche smashed by vandals

Unknown assailants seemed to be unhappy with s1mple's Porsche as they heavily damaged the parked car.

Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev is one of the most renowned names in the world of professional esports. The CSGO pro is known for his sheer skills and flawless gameplay. The Natus Vincere star had his car parked on the parking lot of a hypermarket when some unknown offenders decided to go rough on it.

The Instagram post which was brought to light by dtp.kiev.ua shows s1mple’s car parked in the paid parking at Dragomanova Street on a reserved spot for disabled people. The black Porsche Panamera had its headlights smashed and the rear-view mirrors were also removed from the car by the assailants.


However, Alexey Kostylev – s1mple’s brother and Na’Vi Creative Director – dismissed the allegations against his brother parking the car in the reserved spot and claimed that the car was moved there after the incident which took place on the night of May 1st.

S1mple himself hasn’t made any clarification on the situation yet and it’s still unclear if the vandalism was a result of personal rivalry or was just another random incident that took place. Lights have also not been shed on the culprits behind the incident yet.

This sort of vandalization on an expensive Porsche is certainly a cause of concern, especially since the incident took place on a paid parking spot. The mental pressure can also potentially affect s1mple’s run at ESL: Road to Rio which is currently ongoing.

The tournament started on a positive note for Na’Vi with a 2:0 victory over Espada and their next match is scheduled for May 3rd in a Bo3 against Virtus. Pro.

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