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CS:GO Major Kicks Off with a Bang: Day 1 of Blast.tv Major Challengers Delivers Upsets and Surprises

The first day of the Blast.tv Major Challengers Stage has concluded, featuring a lineup of intense matches and surprising results. The tournament hosts some of the world’s finest CS:GO teams, all of whom competed in a series of matches on the first day.

Team Liquid, MOUZ to fight for survival as Day 1 of Blast.tv Major Challengers comes to an end

Among the matches showcased Apeks Vs Team Liquid with Martin “STYKO” Styk and company overcoming the North American Giants, Team Liquid and having 16-0ed Grayhound to go 2-0 up in the Challengers Bracket. 

Team Liquid so far seemed to run on low fuel throughout the tournament as they faced elimination in Paris with beating Fluxo being their last resort to stay alive in the Major. 

With 8 Legends Spots up for grabs, Apeks might punch their ticket to the next stage as they get ready to take on their next opponent, G2 Esports, the team who is heavily favoured by the Pundits to lift the trophy at the final CS:GO Major. Among others who don the 2-0 record are ENCE and FaZe with Finn “Karrigan” Anderson and Men closely edging out Monte in their opener while the former having won their first two matches comfortably over OG and the Ninjas in Pyjamas.

Quick Highlights from Day 1 : 

FaZe Vs Monte : FaZe survive Monte scare

FaZe Clan came into the match having made it past Cloud9 in the Last Chance Qualifier while on the other hand, Monte came in looking hot to trot. FaZe started on the offence in Ancient where they posted an unconvincing 6 rounds. All the rounds that FaZe were able to put up came off the back of the individual brilliance of their star players. Monte had BOROS running the show as they continued to look good. 

Moving onto the defence FaZe looked like a team who is here to win. Even though Monte managed to pick up 5 rounds, FaZe edged them out with a 16-14 victory. rain looked solid throughout the map while moments of individual brilliance from Twistzz and ropz made sure FaZe pushed it over the line. 

G2’s overhaul of the Mongolz

G2 were the favourites by a mile heading into this game however, Mongolz is often referred to as the dark horse and they certainly have G2 a run for their money. On a CT-sided map like Inferno, G2 only managed 6 rounds that put the Mongolz in the prime position to pick up a huge victory. Hasteka, who replaced sk0r for the team, was their best player that saw them go 3 rounds up before G2 went on their offence. 

m0nesy and huNter led G2 on their shoulder on their offence. Mongolz managed only 2 rounds before G2 got to 16. G2 switched up a few gears as they overran the Asian side to post their first win of the major. m0nesy had a field day with his AWP as G2 wasted no time closing out the map even though Mongolz were able to put up a promising performance.

Meanwhile Complexity and OG are now placed in the 1-1 bracket and look forward to booking themselves seats at the Legends Stage. 

Final Day 1 Scores from Day 1 of the Blast.tv Major Challengers Stage:

Round 1 : 

  • Apeks 16:12 Team Liquid
  • ENCE 16:6 OG
  • G2 Esports 16-11 TheMongolz
  • FaZe Clan 16-14 Monte
  • paiN 16-2 Fluxo
  • FORZE 14-16 Grayhound
  • Ninjas in Pyjamas 16-9 MOUZ
  • Complexity 16-11 GamerLegion

Round 2 : 

  • Apeks 16-0 Grayhound
  • ENCE 16-9 Ninjas in Pyjamas
  • G2 16-9 Complexity
  • FaZe 16-12 paiN
  • Monte 16-8 Fluxo
  • FORZE 16-14 Team Liquid
  • OG 16-11 MOUZ
  • TheMongolz 16-11 GamerLegion

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