CSGO legend gob b considering playing for BIG as Valorant player

Riot’s first FPS title which draws inspiration from games like CS:GO and Overwatch is all set for its release in 2020. As VALORANT prepares to rival with market leaders in the FPS genre, many professional organizations have already taken keen interest into the game. Many of the industry’s leading foreseers believe that VALORANT will be the next big thing in esports.

This time on, Fatih “gob b” Dayik became vocal with his positive opinions about the game and how he plans BIG’s entry into the title. In a recent conversation with esports.com, gob b shared his views and opinions about the game and what the coming future might hold for it. The retired CS:GO pro said his initial views on the game were very positive, but he is also eagerly waiting for an opportunity to test it out himself to form a better impression. He said he believes VALORANT has a lot of potential due to its ability to attract players from many different games. In light of BIG clan, the organization which gob b manages currently, VALORANT might be another esports title which they might pick up.“We got together at BIG after the announcement and exchanged and planned about possible BIG projects, be it professional or amateur. We want to have a good concept at the start,” explained gob b in the same conversation.

The hype surrounding VALORANT seems to be at an all-time peak as more and more organizations take interest into the upcoming title and pitch in. All we can now do is wait for Riot to release its title and find out whether it lives up to its hype or disappoints us all instead.