First Impressions on Valorant Characters

Today, Riot released the gameplay trailer of their upcoming game Valorant and with it, they also released loads of information about the game. Today we are going to be talking about eight characters that are going to be available when the game launches in beta.

Before we started it is important to understand how abilities work in Valorant. Unlike Overwatch, in Valorant abilities won’t have a short cooldown and can’t be spammed. Firstly, each character can have up to 4 abilities.

  • Ultimate Ability – this ability will be unique to each character and requires multiple charges to summon. Charges are earned from completing game objectives such as defusing the bomb or surviving. These abilities might take up to 4 rounds before players can gather enough charge to use it.
  • Main Ability – similar to the ultimate ability this ability is also unique but less powerful. This ability is available each round while the charges and cooldown will be linked to the character.
  • Purchasable Abilities – Each character will have 2 slots for purchasable abilities which a player can purchase from the buy menu at the start of each round using the money earned between rounds. These abilities will work more like utilities such as frag grenade or smoke grenade.

Now with the how abilities work explained let’s go over the characters.


Brimstone is a tough-looking soldier type character rocking a beard and orange hat. He packs the biggest punch with the ability to bombard map with a range of orbital weapons bringing in smoke and fire on the field to a very lethal Orbital Strike ultimate ability.


Photo via Riot Games

A spy agent with the classic white trench coat and a hat look. Cypher is able to lurk into enemy lines placing spy cams and luring them into deadly traps. He can also use Neural Theft to obtain the position of the enemy from the dead.

Photo via Riot Games


Photo via Riot Games

An agile ninja-like female agent with the ability to outflank enemies and taking them out with fast and precise ambushes. She wields several throwing knives and can throw them all out in all directions using her ultimate ability Blade Storm.


Photo via Riot Games

A hot head male agent wearing a grey coat who excels at rushing in the combat and pushing enemies back using fire. In his ultimate form, his neck emits fire and enable him to mark his position to respawn or rewind back to instantly.

Photo via Riot Games
Photo via Riot Games


Photo via Riot Games

A ranger with Bow and arrow as his ultimate weapon and a bionic eye which enables him to track enemy movement. In his ultimate form, he can fire 3 energy bolts doing fatal damage to enemies and reveal their position on the map.

  • Viper
Photo via Riot Games

The second female agent who wears a black and green suit depicting her venomous aura and abilities. Using her ultimate ability she can cover an entire area in a poison cloud-enabling her to pick enemies inside the cloud easily.

  • Sage
Photo via Riot Games

The third female agent who specializes as a combat medic. She can revive downed allies in her ultimate ability and create walls that enemies can pass through.

  • Omen

An agent who specializes in teleporting and striking enemies from the back. He likes playing mind games on enemies using clones and tricking them into lower their defences.

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