CSGO Hardware Mods Cause Ruckus Due to Recoil 

CSGO recoil is known to be one of the most difficult aspects of the game to master. It is also one of the most basic things one needs to learn to get better at the game.

CSGO’s gun mechanics, especially the recoil and inaccuracy have set the benchmark for FPS games. But what would happen if the recoil affected, not just your in-game model but your PC as well? 

Chaos would ensue, that’s what would happen. Gamers found ways to emulate the recoil in mice first. This was done by adding pistons to the mouse, and with every click of the mouse to fire a gun, the recoil would make the mouse itself jump up. 

Like this wasn’t enough, hydraulics were not just added to the mice but to the monitor, the desk and the chair as well making it look like a real battlefield. The monitor could not remain in one piece for very long. A shot from the Arctic Wolf Police – AWP sent it flying, with the frame coming off instantly. 

The same would happen when a player loaded up Red Dead Redemption 2. The horse riding in RDR2 is revered by players, but when hydraulics are installed in the chair and the table, nothing is as amazing as it is in the game. The riding mechanics made the table and chair jump up and fall all over the place.


Gamers have been modding hardware in different games for a while, be it shooting games like CSGO or racing games like F1. 

In another bizarre installment, pistons were set up behind a chair so that whenever a player crashed the pistons would emulate it and the player would be thrown forward, in a crash.