CSGO Devs Fix Trust Factor Issues for Linux Users

After several months of repeated complaints from the Linux CSGO player base, it seems like the annoying issue of Linux users constantly experiencing low Trust Factor has finally been resolved by the CSGO devs.

The issue was being experienced by Linux users worldwide since January, and players have claimed that their CSGO Trust Factor would steadily drop whenever they played the shooter.

This would cause some serious problems for the players, as they would have to face cheaters, griefers, and toxic teammates regularly when playing the game.

CSGO player Keiron O’Shea resorted to several social media platforms to attract the devs’ attention on this problem. He even sent an email to Gaben himself in hopes of getting this issue fixed.

Luckily, it seems like the efforts of the Linux CSGO community have paid off, as Valve has confirmed that the issue has now been fixed.

“We’ve found the underlying issue and believe it is fixed,” claimed Ido Magal, a CSGO dev, in a reply to the aforementioned email.

This is certainly some delightful news for Linux users, as they can finally enjoy the shooter without facing hackers or griefers every other game.