Henry “HenryG” Greer is a professional CSGO caster and analyst who’s renowned throughout the CSGO world. He has been a part of the pro CSGO scene for many years now, but with the recent allegations against him which have surfaced on June 21st, it appears like his career might be in some serious trouble.

Kelly Jean, a popular cosplayer and the ex-girlfriend of HenryG was the one who called out the 31-year-old for the mistreatments conducted to her. She gathered the courage to speak up her mind through a Tweet and termed HenryG as ‘verbally, emotionally & mentally abusive.’ She also accused him of trying to have sex with her against her consent, which is considered illegal in several countries.


“This is absolutely terrifying for me to write and I am sorry to mutual friends I did not warn. It has been mentally taxing. To those that knew, thank you for your support,” Kelly wrote in a follow-up tweet.


She further clarified that she was not ‘advocating for any consequences’ and that the purpose of her tweet was to ‘let other women know.’


Kelly elaborated on the situation through a Twitlonger post where she slammed HenryG with multiple other accusations including physical assaults, emotional abuse, mental abuse and even gaslighting or trying to use her insecurities to undermine her sanity.

The accusations also extended to emotional blackmail, psychological abuse, name calling, outright lying and embarrassing her in public. She needed to seek a therapist who then advised her to report the incidents which happened to her.

After wording her accusations through her post, she claimed that even after she gave Henry over two weeks to reflect and apologize, he refrained from doing so.

She concluded by saying, “Thank you to the other women in the industry and connected communities that have told their stories recently. Without your bravery I wouldn’t have been able to tell mine.”

While HenryG hasn’t responded to any of the accusations as of yet, if Kelly’s allegations are true, Henry is certain to find himself amidst a heap of troubles. More information on this incident is likely to unravel in the next few days, and the professional career of HenryG as a CSGO caster may be at stake here.