Esport is a very fast-paced division where in esport athletes or more knowingly professional players begin their career as early as 15-years of age. On the other hand, several pros are either sidelined or they retire in their late 20s while few even get to play until their early 30s. Retirement age is this early because esport requires reflexes, concentration, impulsive decision-making ability and fine touch with the game which depletes as we grow.

The upcoming major will feature players ranging from tender age of 16-years to all the way up to 32-years of ago. For few players, this major could mark an end to their decisive careers while it’s dawn for a bunch of upcoming teenagers who have qualified for the most prominent CS:GO event.

Owen “oBo” Schlatter will be 16 years and 53 days old as the major begins while the IGL of FaZe Clan Filip “NEO” Kubski is nearly double his age – 32-year-old. This exhibits the diverse age groups in the professional Counter-Strike ecosystem. However, this major could be the last one for several professionals in their early 30s.