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IEM Dallas Config Misconfigured for New Loss Bonus

IEM Dallas is in full swing and it’s not without its nuances as a misconfiguration during the match has got several teams playing on an older economic system on day 1.

On the first day of IEM Dallas, the latest economic upgrade was not followed in more games than one given teams were frequently awarded $800 bonuses instead of the $600 that was specified for the game.

Terrorists who planted the device in a round that concluded with a CT-defusal would have previously received a bonus of $800. The $800 bonus was dropped to $600 in the update but that wasn’t the case in some of the matches at IEM Dallas.

As things stand ESL is aware of this issue but since the matches have already concluded, little can be done about it. On paper this might not seem like a massive issue, matches on the biggest stages are decided by fine margins.

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