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IEM Dallas 2024 Will Be Played on the New CS2 Update

ESL has confirmed that the upcoming IEM Dallas 2024 Counter-Strike 2 event will be played on the new update that was introduced to the game on 23rd May.

For the uninitiated, Thursday’s CS2 update fixed multiple annoying bugs that were haunting the game’s player base for a while, including an issue that used to frequently crash games.

“Today, we were informed that the latest patch should’ve fixed the game crash bug that has plagued matches all year,” ESL said in a statement. “IEM Dallas will be played on the LIVE update to prevent significant crashes. Vertigo’s latest version will be played along with the rest of the patch.”

One notable instance of the aforementioned bug occurred when Dzhami “⁠Jame⁠” Ali’s game crashed during Virtus.pro’s crucial playoffs-deciding match against G2 at the PGL Major Copenhagen 2024.

IEM Dallas is scheduled to take place from May 27 to June 2, so the participating teams only have a short period to adapt to the Vertigo updates and economic changes that the new patch has brought to the game.

The tournament will feature some of the best CS2 teams from around the globe, who will compete in the LAN event for a chance to win the lion’s share of the impressive $250,000 prize pool.

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