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Here’s Why Your Child Cannot Inherit Your Steam Library

Most of us gamers have a wide array of games we have acquired over the years housed in our Steam library which will be something we leave behind for our loved ones to inherit but Valve says we cannot do that.

Have you ever wondered what becomes of your Steam account after your death? While traditional wealth gets passed down to our following generation, video games might not follow the same path.

One Steam user raised a burning question of whether they can transfer their Steam account’s assets if written in their will.

According to Steam support, the non-transferability of Steam accounts is applicable even in the event of your demise. What that implies is that even if you make a will naming someone to inherit your Steam account and its contents, it cannot be transferred.

One way around this is to leave your Steam ID and password in your will to allow the benefactor to access your account and play games from your collection. However, you must leave your devices behind as well to get through the 2FA given disabling it is inadvisable.

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