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When Is Counter-Strike’s Birthday?

Speculation and Hopes for Counter-Strike's Big Milestone

One of the longest-running first-person shooter franchises ever is Counter-Strike. The unique competitive nature of the game attracted millions of gamers from various generations and continues to do so.

CS2 being the latest iteration of the game has come miles ahead of what originally was a simple mod for Half-Life. Despite being a great game, Half-Life did not get the attention that the Counter-Strike mod got and we were gifted with what can be considered as the greatest FPS esports out there.

November 1st, 2000 is generally perceived as the CS’s birthday but the game goes way back. June 19th, 1999 being the release date for the first official beta, can be labeled as CS2’s birthday. Fast forward to 2024, we are closing in on the 25th anniversary of the game but does Valve plan to celebrate it?

While there is no word about what Valve has planned for the game, we can assume that something can be in the works. A grand celebration might be too far-fetched but hoping for the first CS2 Operation can be plausible.

That being said, Valve might not even acknowledge CS2’s 25th Anniversary and we might get nothing out of it but staying hopeful is the only thing we can do at this point.

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