CS.Money to start accepting crypto as payment method

CS.MONEY, one of the largest skin trading platforms, announced its support of crypto deposits. The platform’s users can now top up their balance or purchase skins in the Store section with crypto. Bitcoin is the only currency supported initially, but it will soon be joined by Ethereum and USDT (ERC-20), a stable coin on the Ethereum blockchain.

The process is fairly straightforward: users can now select Bitcoin from the list of payment options, input the desired deposit amount in USD, and send their transaction to the address displayed by the payment processing company. Blockchain transactions may take a while (up to 30 minutes, as is the case with Bitcoin) to complete, but once the transaction is done on-chain, it usually only takes a few moments for it to reflect.


The new payment method is sure to gain traction with the relatively small, but constantly growing base of crypto-savvy users. It’s worth mentioning that CS.MONEY does not provide the functionality of a custodial crypto wallet, and all crypto assets are converted into fiat money, namely the US Dollar, in which the users’ balances are denominated.

Crypto transactions are also subject to certain legal limitations and regulations, the size of a valid deposit is required to be within the $100 – $5000 range, and the payment method is unavailable in the following countries: Algeria, Egypt, Morocco, Bolivia, Ecuador, Nepal, Pakistan, India, North Korea, USA. Apart from this, regular terms of use of the CS.MONEY service applies.

All crypto payments are powered by Unlimint, the new online payment processing partner of CS.MONEY