Popular variety streamer CashMeow was assaulted by some tourist outside a restaurant in Japan, which suggests the country is not as safe as it is perceived by the rest of the world.

During one of his IRL streams at a restaurant in Japan, CashMeow found himself in the dining area of a restaurant interacting with his chat when he came across a group of tourists harassing girls in the vicinity. In an effort to protect them, the Twitch streamer called the group over to his table with a few casual questions.

The conversation did not take a violent turn until one of the perpetrators walked up to him and drank water from his glass. They were clearly drunk and had little idea that they were assaulting another person in a public space.

Once the fight started, the perpetrators threw his equipment off the table and his stream was paused, after a while, he was back with the live stream and it was evident that something violent took place and he was completely thrown off his stride.

Many witnessed the incident and have called for the perpetrators to get deported. Police reportedly dismissed the issue but the video clips will likely change their minds. Keep an eye on his social medias for more updates.