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Cancellation Looming Over PGL CS:GO Major in Stockholm


PGL’s CSGO Major 2021 in Stockholm this year is in troubled waters. Swedish authorities’ stance of not recognizing esports as a sports event is creating a rift once again. The Mayor of Stockholm, in a letter to Government, has raised concerns about “repeating the same mistake,” referring to the cancellation of DotA 2 The International 2021.

Stockholm’s Finance Minister Anna König Jerlmyr wrote to both, Interior Mikael Damberg and Minister of Sports Amanda Lind that the Government is about the make the same mistake of cancelling a mega esports event powered by Valve.

SportExpressen received the full letter (translated from Swedish) in which excerpts suggest, “The government is about to repeat the same mistake it made a few weeks ago when the world’s largest e-sports tournament, The International, was moved from Stockholm. Now, unfortunately, history seems to be repeating itself for CS: GO Major”

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Furthermore, the Finance Minister talked about how the government staff were mostly unaware of DotA 2 & CS:GO events being at this scale.

The escalation of doubts began a few weeks ago when DotA 2 – The International 2021 was shunted out of Sweden by the authorities. The CS:GO Major though, was reaffirmed by Valve, to be hosted in the city of Stockholm, until recently this story was reported.

Valve found new European home for DotA 2 The International, should as well start looking for CS:GO

Even if the CS:GO PGL Major 2021 gets moved out of Sweden, it won’t come as a shocker, as Swedish authorities did reject special treatment to another esports large scale event DotA 2 – The International.

Finally, Valve decided to host the $40 million pool event in Romania.


“The government is about to repeat the same mistake it made a few weeks ago when the world’s largest e-sports tournament, The International, moved from Stockholm. Now, unfortunately, the story looks like that repeat for CS: GO Major, when the government does not this time either can provide information that ensures the implementation of the tournament.

The Swedish E-sports Association is not part of the Swedish Sports Confederation and recently, the Swedish Sports Confederation rejected their application to become one
special sports. If the E-sports association had become a part of The Swedish Sports Confederation had not had the problems, because the border police go on the Swedish Sports Confederation’s definition of elite sports.

At the same time, the government concerning The International was unable to act whereupon the tournament was moved to Bucharest. The problem was that entry for the competitors could not be guaranteed.

That the organizers choose Sweden and Stockholm is an opportunity for thousands of visitors to see their heroes from around the world live here in our capital. A positive side effect of this is all the hotel nights, restaurant visits and our rich cultural life that not only enriches visitors but also the industries hard hit by it ongoing pandemic.

I have the greatest respect for the pandemic. But the infection situation now sees everything better out and just a few days ago, on July 12, informed the Minister of Trade and Industry and the city epidemiologist on the next step in the abolition of restrictions. In addition, vaccination is progressing in rapid rate with over 70 percent vaccinated in the Stockholm region.

At the time of CS: GO Major, the entire adult Swedish is calculated population have received their first dose of vaccine. Against this background is it is unreasonable that an e-sports tuning may not get required guarantees when, for example, the World Figure Skating Championships could be held on 22-28

March at Avicii Arena and as late as 18-20 June it was world tournament horse jumping competition Global Champion Tour on Stockholm Stadium.

Sweden and Stockholm need more major sports and e-
sporting events – not fewer. If CS: GO Major is moved from Sweden and Stockholm would be devastating for several reasons. Together with the move by The International sends a signal that Sweden and the government do not care about e-sports.

The government can give one authorization to sign invitations in the matter and thus issue the guarantees required for the organizers not to move also this tournament abroad. Notice to the organizer must be submitted no later than July 16 so time is short.

I hope the government takes the chance and lets the fans to CS: GO Major get to experience Stockholm and let the people of Stockholm show off our beautiful city for them. ”

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