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Proximity Chat In Among Us: Everything You Need To Know

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Recently, a new mod for Among Us has been gaining a huge amount of traction among streamers and content creators worldwide – the Among Us Proximity Chat Mod.

What Is Among Us Proximity Chat Mod?

The proximity mod for Among Us lets players (both Crewmates and Impostors) to talk with other nearby players outside of meetings. The proximity voice chat feature works throughout the map, which means you can have a chat with anyone who’s passing by you or tagging alongside you.

This mod is undoubtedly of great help to Crewmates in their hunt to catch the Impostors in the group. The feature can quite easily help the crew filter out who the other crewmates are and single out the Impostors.

However, smart Impostors can also strategize among themselves using this feature and set up for some double kills., which can mean serious trouble for the Crewmates.

How to get the Among Us Proximity Chat?

Unfortunately, the Proximity Chat mod is currently only available to content creators due to it still being in its developmental phase. The mod is filled with bugs and glitches that make it seem unfit for its final release. However, due to the huge amount of traction this mod has been getting, fans can expect it to be made available for everyone in the near future.

Proximity chat is a part of NodePolus currently under development by Sub, Tr4cer, and Sombrio. The mod is not available for everyone as of yet, and the devs haven’t given us a date on when will the mod be ready for a public release.

In case you’re still wondering how the mod works, take a look at this tweet by streamer and content creator Jack “CouRage” Dunlop here:

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