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Call of Duty: Mobile Season 2 is now live

Call of Duty’s 2nd season is now up and running and introduces brand new content in game. It comes with a free as well as paid battle pass with Alaska themed grenades and gun skins to win with progressing tiers. The update also brings a new winter themed map called as ‘Summit’ which is available for play in ranked as well as casual multiplayer mode.

Zombie mode has also been added and is available to players above level 5 and it comes with great rewards as well. There are 3 sub game modes available in Zombies- Raid, Hardcore Raid and Survival. The map is the classic Shi No Numa map from Call of Duty: World at War but has been tweaked a little bit. The survival mode is an endless conquest between zombies and you and the Raid mode is an 8 wave zombie killing challenge where you can purchase several weapons, buffs as well as revival boosts.

Controller support is officially a part of Call of Duty:Mobile. Players can make use of Sony DualShock4 as well as Xbox One Controllers to play matches but they will be queued only against other players using controllers. If you’re playing in a party and if even a single players makes use of a controller, then the entire party will be matched up against players using controllers.

Two new login methods have also been added which are Google Play and Gamecenter. When using a Guest account you will now have the option to link that guest account to your Google Play or Game Center account. That will allow you to save, protect, and sync your data to those accounts. However, unlike Facebook or Line this does not pull any information over, like your profile picture. Players will not be able to switch from a previous account to one of these new login options without losing your player data, but all players may now utilize these options to initially setup and link your account.

After trying this update hands-on, we can only conclude by saying that the game looks much smoother, lag free and more fun to play and with newer modes coming a rapid place, players might just never get bored of this title.

Stay tuned for more news and updates!

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