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Californian “sex-addict” sues Twitch for $25mn, urges bans for Pokimane and other female streamers

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California man and Twitch viewer Erik Estavillo has filed a legal complaint against popular streaming platform Twitch on June 15th, for exposing him and other viewers, some of whom are unferage, to “suggestive” female streamers showing “sexual content” on-stream which is otherwise against the Twitch ToS.

In his complaint, Erik claims to be suffering from “depression, OCD, panic disorder, Agoraphobia and Crohn’s disease.” He also claims  to suffer from Sex Addiction which, according to him is a result of his OCD. These medical issues make him rely solely on the internet for his entertainment and according to the complaint, and Twitch has “extremely exacerbated” his medical conditions “by displaying many sexually suggestive women streamers through Twitch’s twisted programming and net code,” the statement says.

He also mentions how many children under legal age, and even under the tender age of thirteen use Twitch for entertainment purposes and that they may become the victim of such “sexual content” Twitch promotes.

“In addition, Twitch also takes advantage of the plaintiff and other sexually addicted viewers by allowing them to ‘subscribe, donate or pay bits’ to such women streamers,” which, according to the complaint, is no different than how a casino operates. He further slams Twitch by stating that Twitch “simply doesn’t care” of all these things happening on their platform.

The complaint then lists out some female streamers while attaching some “sexual” images of those streamers. The list of female streamers include:

  • Amouranth
  • Quqco
  • ST Peach
  • JadeTheJaguar
  • Pink_Sparkles
  • Valeria7K
  • DanielaAzuage_
  • lilchipmunk
  • iaaras2
  • theRaychul
  • KrystiPryde
  • SonjaShio
  • Gavrilka
  • MizzyRose
  • KayPikeFashion
  • Alinity
  • QTCinderella
  • Pokimane
  • Velvet_7
  • Loserfruit

The complaint raises demands of all these listed streamers being permanently banned for violating the Twitch ToS along with a compensation of $25 million from Twitch which is to be distributed between him and other Twitch Prime subscribers with the leftovers going to COVID-19 and Black Lives Matter charities.

It’s still unclear how far will this case proceed, but the fact that the Superior Court of California has served Twitch with a summons implies that Twitch has to respond to the allegations.

Source: Dexerto

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