Bren Esports owner wanted in connection to drug smuggling case

Bernard Lu Chong

Update: Bernard Chong – the owner of Bren Esports – has been cleared of drug smuggling charges by a court ruling. The Manila Regional Trial Court had previously implicated Chong in a drug smuggling operation at the Manila International Container Port, issuing a warrant for his arrest. However, the recent court ruling has now overturned this decision, clearing Chong of all charges.

Bernard Chong, creator, and owner of Bren Esports is wanted by the NBI for his alleged involvement in a shabu (methamphetamines) smuggling case worth $1.87 billion Philippine pesos ($33.6 million).

The investigation into the illegal transport of narcotics at the Manila International Container Port in the Philippines began in 2019. As one of the proprietors of Fortuneyield Cargo Services Corporation, which acted as the collector of the heroin shipment, Chong is said to have a connection to the drugs investigation.

The appeal was turned down on April 29, 2022, after which the arrest warrant for Chong was issued. The warrant was issued on June 2, 2021.

Joey Moran, the head of the NBI’s International Operations Division, told Bylyonaryo that drug smuggling is a very serious crime for which there is no bail.

The National Bureau of Investigation is tasked with locating and apprehending fugitives, regardless of the status of the individual.

As long as an arrest warrant is out for your head, you are going to be the focus of a manhunt. However, if Mr. Lu Chung turns himself in and faces the charges that have been brought against him, he can save everyone a lot of trouble.

In 2017, Chong established Bren Esports, which has since grown to become one of the most well-known esports organizations throughout the Southeast Asian region. Bren Esports has teams competing in a variety of games, including VALORANT and Wild Rift, among other

In addition to being the owner of Bren Esports, Chong is also the founder of the social media platform Lyka and the shoe brand World Balance. He is also the franchise owner for the Philippine location of the Canadian fast food giant Tim Hortons.