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BOOM and EDG eliminated from Valorant Champions 2022

The Elimination Games of Valorant Champions 2022 Instanbul start today with the lower bracket games of groups A and B. The final game of the day for qualification between FunPlus Phoenix and XSET was postponed. 

FPX had multiple players in a dangerous situation and could not play, so Riot, with XSET’s consent, has decided to postpone the game to the 5th instead of today. 

The games for today had Team Liquid facing off against EDward Gaming as the first elimination game from Group A. At the same time, Group B ZETA is taking on BOOM esports as the elimination game for Group B.

Day 5 (4th September) Valorant Champions 2022 Group Stage Results:

GroupTeam 1Team 2
BBOOM esportsZETA division
AEDward GamingTeam Liquid
CFPXPostponed due to health issuesXSET
Match 1 BOOM esports vs. ZETA division (Group B):

The Group B elimination match had the Japanese ZETA division taking on Indonesian BOOM esports, and the loser will be eliminated from the competition. 

The match started on BOOM’s Haven with the ZETA division on defense. BOOM struggled a lot on offense with finding their footing and having a hard time finding rounds on offense losing the half 4-8. 

It seems that ZETA would pick their opponent’s map, but BOOM defended strong, letting ZETA only take three rounds on the attack to come back from a 4-8 deficit to win the game 13-11. 

ZETA’s pearl was the same game as Haven, with ZETA as the attacker completely split open sites to conclude the first half with an eight-round advantage.

The second half had BOOM winning seven out of the eight first rounds to take the lead early in the game. But ZETA remained strong and fought back despite the disadvantage to win the last four rounds to win the map 13-11, forcing a third. 

The final map started with BOOM winning the first two rounds with a strong statement, but as soon as the gun rounds rolled around, ZETA completely shut down all the attacks from the BOOM and won the map without dropping another round. 

With the dominant 13-2 map win, the ZETA division won the series 2-1 to eliminate BOOM esports from Valorant Champions 2022. ZETA now faces LOUD for the last playoff spot of 

Group B.

Match 2 EDward Gaming vs. Team Liquid (Group A): 

The Chinese debutants EDward Gaming take on the International Veterans Team Liquid in an elimination match, with the winners playing Paper Rex for the last spot of Group A after Leviatan grabbed the first one.

EDward Gaming’s Bind started with a good exchange with both teams were 4-4 after eight rounds, but Scream deleted EDG to help liquid secure the final four rounds to finish the half 8-4 and let EDG win only one round in the second half to secure the first map 13-5.

Breeze started with EDward Gaming starting strong as they won the first two rounds, but Liquid answered with four rounds of their own. EDG equalized the score quickly, and the last four rounds seemed to go Liquid’s way, but EDG grabbed a thrifty to close the half 7-5 in Liquid’s favor.

Despite the weak start to the second half, EDG on defense held firm and reached the match point, but Team Liquid, on the back of Scream and Jamppi, won the last round to force overtime and then won the next two OT rounds to win the map 14-12. 

With the map victory, Liquid won the series 2-0, eliminating the debutants EDG. With EDG’s elimination, both the debuting teams’ BOOM and EDG are now out of the tournament, emphasizing the importance of International experience.

Valorant Champions 2022 Group Stage Day 6 Schedule: 

GroupTimeTeam 1Team 2
C03:00 PM TRT GMT +03:00KRU Esports XERXIA esports
D06:00 PM TRT GMT +03:00FURIA Fnatic

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