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BGMS Season 2 Playoffs Day 1: Winners and MVPs

The first day of the Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) Masters Series (BGMS) Season 2 Playoffs has come to a close, marking the culmination of the initial half of the Playoff phase. With slots in the Grand Finals on the line, all participating teams brought their A-game to secure these coveted positions. However, it was Team 8bit, Gods Reign, and Medal Esports that truly stole the spotlight. Here is the match-wise recap of BGMS Season 2 Playoffs Day 1.

BGMS Season 2 Playoffs Day 1: Recap

Match 1: Erangel

The first match on Erangel saw Medal Esports demonstrating an incredible performance. The team accumulated a total of 25 points, with 12 placement points and 13 finish points. Numen Gaming, not far behind, secured the second spot with 21 points, including 10 placement points and 11 finish points. Although Velocity Gaming won Winner Winner Chicken Dinner, they finished in third place with 21 points, boasting 15 placement points and 6 finish points. The match’s MVP title was snatched by Medal Esports’ TOPDAWGG, whose remarkable 7 led his team to victory..

Match 2: Sanhok

As the battleground shifted to Sanhok, Team 8bit showcased their dominance by clinching the top spot with 18 points, comprising 10 placement points and 8 finish points. OR Esports secured the second position with 17 points, including 8 placement points and 9 finish points. However, it was Enigma Gaming that won the Winner Winner Chicken Dinner. Despite this, it finished at third position with 17 points, including 15 placement points and 2 finish points. OR Esports’ Max stood out as the MVP of the match, with 4 impressive finishes.

Match 3: Erangel

The final match of BGMS Season 2 Playoffs Day 1 took place in Miramar, with Gods Reign demonstrating an incredible performance, ammassing 25 points, comprising 12 placement points and 13 finish points. Team 8bit, who won the Winner Winner Chicken Dinner, secured the second spot with an equal score of 25 points, comprising 15 placement points and 10 finish points, and they secured a Winner Winner Chicken Dinner to solidify their position. WSB Gaming claimed the third position with 14 points, accumulating 10 placement points and 4 finish points. Gods Reign’s NinjaJOD was honored with the MVP title, courtesy of his outstanding 6 finishes.

With only one day left for the conclusion of BGMS Season 2 Playoffs it will be interesting to see which 12 teams advance to grand finals. On the other hand, it will be the end of journey for the bottom four teams.

For overall leaderboard and to stay updated with the tournament, stay tuned to our BGMS Season 2 Live Tracker.

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