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BGMS Season 2: Live Result Tracker

The battleground is heating up as the much-awaited Battlegrounds Mobile India Masters Series (BGMS) Season 2 kicks off in a blaze of excitement. With a staggering ₹2.1 Crore prize pool up for grabs, 24 top-notch teams are battling it out in Delhi NCR to claim the coveted title and secure their place in esports history. As the adrenaline-pumping action unfolds, we bring you the live results of the tournament to keep you updated.

BGMS Season 2: Overall Leaderboard

Here is the overall leaderboard of BGMS Season 2, which will be updated live throughout the tournament.

RankTeamsMatchesPlacement PointsFinish PointsTotal Points
1Blind Esports24117160277
2Team iNSANE24101160261
3Global Esports24114138252
4Marcos Gaming24114138231
5Gladiators Esports2413388221
6Enigma Gaming2411392205
7Medal Esports249885183
9Gods Reign249290182
10Team 8bit248792179
11Team SouL2467100167
12Numen Gaming158267149
14OR Esports157649125
15WSB Gaming155171122
16Chemin Esports155170121
18Velocity Gaming15415091
20Lucknow Giants15374279
21Revenant Esports6283664
22Team GodLike9162541
23SPY Gaming691423
24True Rippers613922

BGMS Season 2: Launch Week Standings

The Launch Week will take place from 4th to 6th August. Spanning over three days, this phase will see all 24 teams evenly divided in three groups competing in round-robin format. Points accumulated during this week will be added to the Overall leaderboard. 

Here live standings of BGMS Season 2: Launch Week.

RankTeamsMatchesPlacement PointsFinish PointsTotal Points
1OR Esports6463076
2Team iNSANE6353469
3Revenant Esports6283664
4Medal Esports6352863
5Team SouL6382563
6Enigma Gaming6352661
7Numen Gaming6243256
8Chemin Esports6183452
10Marcos Gaming6222749
11Velocity Gaming6202848
12Global Esports6122046
15Blind Esports6202343
16Gods Reign6231942
17Gladiator Esports6222042
18Team GodLike6162541
19WSB Gaming6152540
22Lucknow Giants6141428
23SPY Gaming691423
24True Rippers613922

BGMS Season 2: Week 1 Standings

Week 1 will start on 7th August and conclude on 17th August. This stage consists of League Week 1 and Super Weekend 1.

League Week 1 Standings (7th to 10th August): 

League Week 1 will see all 24 teams divided in three equal groups competing against each other. Matches will be played across all four days in round-robin format. Top 16 teams from this stage will advance to the Super Weekend 1.

RankTeamsMatchesPlacement PointsFinish PointsTotal Points
1Chemin Esports86152113
2Blind Esports84759106
3Numen Gaming85346100
4OR Esports8653499
5Global Esports8315283
6Marcos Gaming8315283
7Team SouL8215374
9Gods Reign8442973
11Enigma Gaming8422365
12Team iNSANE8174764
15Gladiators Esports8154459
16Medal Esports8342556
17Team GodLike8262854
18Revenant Esports8312253
19WSB Gaming8341751
20SPY Esports8183351
21Velocity Gaming8172441
23Lucknow Giants8102232
24True Rippers811213

Super Weekend 1 Standings (10th to 13th August):

Top 16 teams from League Week 1 will compete in Super Weekend 1 across three days. Points from Super Weekend 1 will accumulate in the Overall Leaderboard.

RankTeamsMatchesPlacement PointsFinish PointsTotal Points
1Blind Esports95059109
2Team iNSANE93269101
3Global Esports9455196
4Gladiators Esports9563793
6Marcos Gaming9364884
7Gods Reign9483078
8Chemin Esports9333669
9Medal Esports9393069
11Enigma Gaming9273764
12Team SouL9233760
14OR Esports9301949
15Numen Gaming9321547

BGMS Season 2: Week 2 Standings

Week 2 will start on 14th August and conclude on 20th August. It follows a similar pattern with League Week 2 and Super Weekend 2. 

League Week 2 Standings (14th to 17th August):

League Week 2 will be a four-day battle, mirroring the format of League Week 1. Matches will be played across all four days in round-robin format. However, only the top 12 teams will proceed to Super Weekend 2.

RankTeamsMatchesPlacement PointsFinish PointsTotal Points
1Velocity Gaming85255107
2Team iNSANE8276895
3Gladiators Esports8523486
4Gods Reign8404686
5Numen Gaming8443882
6Team 8bit8443478
7WSB Gaming8304878
9Marcos Gaming8413475
11Enigma Gaming8402767
12Lucknow Giants8392261
13Medal Esports8372461
14Team SouL8253661
15Team GodLike8352459
16OR Esports8352358
17Blind Esports854146
19True Rippers8222042
20Chemin Esports8182442
21Global Esports8113142
23Revenant Esports8132134
24SPY Esports862632

Super Weekend 2 Standings (18th to 20th August):

Super Weekend 2 will witness a fierce clash between the top 12 teams from League Week 2 and the leading four teams from Super Weekend 1. The stakes are high as the points accrued during this phase will have a significant impact on the Overall Leaderboard.

RankTeamsMatchesPlacement PointsFinish PointsTotal Points
1Global Esports3253459
3Marcos Gaming3251540
4WSB Gaming3161935
6Medal Esports3121426
7Numen Gaming3141024
8Team iNSANE3101323
9Gods Reign3121022
10Team 8bit371219
11Enigma Gaming39918
12Velocity Gaming331013
13Blind Esports311011
14Lucknow Giants38210
15Gladiators Esports3268
16Team SouL3314

BGMS Season 2: Playoffs Standings

As the dust settles, the Playoffs will take place on 22nd and 23rd August. This crucial stage will witness 16 teams battling for the last remaining 12 slots in the prestigious Grand Finals.

RankTeamsMatchesPlacement PointsFinish PointsTotal Points
1OR Esports6343569
2Medal Esports6323466
3Velocity Gaming6372663
4Enigma Gaming6352055
5Team 8Bit6262854
6WSB Gaming6282351
7Gods Reign6232851
8Team OneBlade6321648
10Gladiators Esports6162945
11Lucknow Giants6162844
13Team SouL6192241
14Numen Gaming6131730
16Chemin Esports681321

BGMS Season 2: Grand Finals Leaderboard

Top 16 teams will compete over the span of three days to earn the highly-coveted title and a lion’s share from ₹2.1 Crore Prize Pool. Here is the BGMS Season 2: Grand Finals Leaderboard.

RankTeamsMatchesPlacement PointsFinish PointsTotal Points
2Gladiators Esports8504797
3Global Esports8395594
4Team iNSANE8435093
5Velocity Gaming8433477
6Marcos Gaming8284371
7Medal Esports8482169
9Blind Esports8273461
10Team 8bit8292554
11OR Esports8342054
12WSB Gaming8282553
13Lucknow Giants8212546
14Gods Reign8162541
15Enigma Gaming891726

Where to watch

Fans can watch BGMS Season 2 live on Star Sports channel on TV starting on 4th July. Additionally, fans can also watch the tournament live on the digital streaming platform Rooter.

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