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Riot Games to Debut New Valorant Map at Champions 2023

Riot Games, the renowned developer behind the popular FPS game Valorant, is gearing up to unveil a brand-new map during the climax of the Valorant Champions broadcast. This anticipated reveal has been the talk of the town, with fans and enthusiasts piecing together clues from various teasers and social media buzz.

Speculations are rife that this new arena for intense FPS battles will be set against the backdrop of Los Angeles. This theory gains traction considering the grandeur of the Valorant tournament taking place in the heart of California. The promotional materials surrounding this event and the forthcoming Act have been generously sprinkled with symbols and motifs reminiscent of LA.

Riot Games has a legacy of making significant announcements during the concluding moments of its world championship tournaments. Staying true to this tradition, Valorant Champions 2023 promises to be no exception. The crescendo of this event, the Grand Final’s pre-show, is slated to be the stage for the grand reveal of the next Valorant map.

But that’s not all! The Champions Gold Carpet pre-show isn’t just about the map. It promises a melange of entertainment, including a musical extravaganza during the Grand Final’s inaugural ceremony. Attendees and viewers can expect appearances from some of the most prominent figures in the realms of Valorant, music, and the broader gaming community.

For those hungry for more, Riot hints at divulging details about Episode 7 Act 2 a day before the Grand Final. Fans have another reason to stay glued to their screens – the chance to earn exclusive drops during the final broadcasts of the Valorant Champions series. Riot isn’t stopping at online engagements; they’re also rolling out in-person events in LA and offering giveaways through watch parties.

As the curtain is about to fall on the Valorant Champions event, the excitement is palpable. Four formidable teams – Evil Geniuses, Paper Rex, Fnatic, and LOUD – are in the fray, each vying for the coveted title of world champion.

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Aritra Patra
Aritra Patra
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