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BGMI vs PUBG New State Mobile: Major Differences Revealed

Battlegrounds Mobile India and New State Mobile have contributed significantly to the meteoric ascent to the fame of India’s mobile gaming sector. The earlier in the game’s Indian iteration, and the latter is a futuristic take on the same concept.

In addition, despite the fact that they are both BRs, there are notable distinctions between the two. Both games have been out for longer than a year thanks to the efforts of Krafton Inc., and have garnered a dedicated fanbase. 

What’s the difference between BGMI and PUBG New State Mobile

2021 marked the year that BGMI was first made available on the Indian market. After a rapid surge in popularity over the course of a year, the game was pulled from online marketplaces on July 28 in accordance with Section 69A of the Information Technology Act of 2000.

Although both were released by Krafton Inc., New State Mobile is the only one that hasn’t been banned so far. Therefore, it has always been downloadable, and it has become one of the most popular alternatives to Battlegrounds Mobile India.

Since only Indians would be able to use BGMI whenever it returns to online shops, its potential customer base will be small.

New State Mobile’s esports scene has flourished in part because of the popularity of Battlegrounds Mobile India’s removal of the game. As a result, the latter has surpassed other titles to become one of the games with the highest number of players in recent years.

Now that it’s available in more countries than ever before, New State Mobile has quickly become the go-to title for those who enjoy taking to the battlefield with their international pals.


According to the company’s promotional materials, New State Mobile has PC-like graphics thanks to the work of Krafton Inc. It’s the first mobile battle royale game that uses photorealistic visuals, which significantly improves the playing experience.

However, after its release, players all around the world were dissatisfied with the game’s pixelated presentation. Subsequent patches addressed the issue, and the game now features enhanced visuals that make it easier to identify nearby adversaries.

As an alternative, BGMI takes into account the fact that a sizable percentage of users in the country are stuck with slow devices due to insufficient memory. Accordingly, the creators have ensured the satisfaction of these players by requiring only low resolutions.


Battlegrounds Mobile India depicts the current-day version of the battle royale experience, whereas New State Mobile transports players to the year 2051. The futuristic scenario means that many of the game’s features focus on the same ideas and themes.

Important improvements in New State Mobile include supply drones, instantly plantable shielding, scout drones that identify nearby adversaries, and a green flare that allows fallen teammates to respawn.

New State Mobile features a wide variety of futuristic aspects, from cities depicted on alternative maps to weaponry and vehicles. Traveling to Akinta, Troi, or Erangel 2051 as a BGMI player will completely submerge you in a brand-new gaming experience.

Multiple Characters 

Players of BGMI can choose from a wide variety of characters, some of which have unique skills in addition to those found on the game’s standard cast.

There are a total of six unique options to choose from named Victor, Sara, Andy, Carlo, Ana, and Emilia. They can be acquired by getting Character Shards or by paying in UC.  

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