BGMI 2.0 fake launch trailers surface on YouTube

bgmi threat

Battlegrounds Mobile India is a widely popularized game in India and has millions of active players that still play the game despite it being banned by the Indian government. The entire mobile gaming community is waiting for its return and some personnel have taken advantage of this situation to spread rumors.

BGMI 2.0 trailer released on the internet is fake

BGMI ban has been a shady topic in the past few weeks as the community had no official update from the developers and players have been seeking answers from any possible source.

This has led the way for multiple spammers that took advantage of the situation to spread rumors. One of these rumors is the return of BGMI in a new form called BGMI 2.0. Apparently, some “launch trailers” of this new game were seen spreading across the internet.

BGMI recently released their first ever new content related to BGMI since the ban. This release was entirely dedicated towards providing a “Support” option for their players in the game but some might have taken a wrong indication from this and believed that the game might be unbanned soon.

We would like to let our readers know that no BGMI has not been unbanned in any capacity and hence, any kind of new launch trailer or the other information related to this is completely fake.

Players should only wait for authentic information via the developers or Indian govt, rather than falling prey to such fake videos.  The video being circulated right now is just a reupload of BGMI launch that happened last year.