How to spectate someone in Fortnite?


Apart from practicing in Fortnite, you can also improve your skills and tactics by spectating other players, whether your friend or opponent. Spectating means watching someone else’s gameplay through the respective player’s POV. This guide will help you to understand how you can spectate someone in Fortnite.

By spectating other players, you can watch their every move. Moreover, it will help you to comprehend their tactics which will definitely improve your future gameplay. There are several moves that are not possible to understand until your watch their POV.

How to spectate your friends in Fortnite?

Previously, there was a Watch Game feature that was banished by the developers due to stream sniping. Now, to spectate a friend, you need to be in that lobby. You won’t be able to spectate your friend inside the battle bus. After coming out from the battle bus, you will be able to spectate your friend.

How to spectate strangers in Fortnite?

In Fortnite, you can’t spectate a stranger from pre-lobby. Once you get eliminated by an opponent, you can spectate the player. Moreover, if that opponent gets eliminated by another opponent, the camera will move the next player automatically.

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