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BGIS 2023 Round 3: All 256 Qualified Teams

The Battlegrounds Mobile India Series (BGIS) 2023 has been an intense journey for all participating teams so far, and the hype only continues to grow. Among the thousands of teams that entered BGIS 2023, only the most skilled and determined have made it to Round 3, which will take the center stage from 14th to 17th September. 

A total of 224 teams have fought against all odds in the BGIS 2023 Round 2 to secure a coveted spot in this stage of the tournament. Additionally, 32 teams have advanced through the previously concluded BGIS 2023: The Grind Round 5. 

BGIS 2023 Round 3: Teams Qualified Through Round 2

A total of 224 teams from BGIS Round 2 have advanced to Round 3. However, as of now, the complete list of all 224 teams that have qualified through BGIS 2023 Round 2 is not made public yet. While the list is not yet public, we do have the names of the 28 teams that have been revealed:

BGIS 2023 Round 3 qualified teams through Round 2:

  • Skulltz Esports
  • Numen Gaming
  • Blood Bashers
  • Nameless Crew
  • Stellar Titans
  • TitanFTW
  • Team Executors
  • GenxFM Esports
  • Flanker Esports
  • Orangutan
  • U4G Esports
  • Cobra Esports
  • Mashroom Boyies
  • Claw Esports
  • Team Godlike
  • Team X Spark
  • 4 Sentinels
  • Deus Esports
  • 9TailEsports
  • War Gods
  • Team GWL
  • Crosskill Esports
  • OR Esports
  • ELF Clan
  • BR Vintage
  • 4 Strangers
  • Team FUZE
  • Team No Skills

The remaining 196 teams that have qualified for BGIS Round 3 may have already received an email confirming their qualification, or they will receive one soon on their registered email addresses. Additionally, Krafton will also pubically announce the complete list of the 224 qualified teams very soon.

BGIS 2023 Round 3: Teams Qualified Through The Grind Round 5

Additionally, 32 teams have successfully advanced to Round 3 from BGIS 2023: The Grind.

BGIS 2023 Round 3 qualified teams through The Grind Round 5:

  • Chemin Esports
  • CS Esports
  • Hyderabad Hydras
  • Growing Strong
  • Team Soul
  • Acid Esports
  • Aslaaa Esports
  • Blind Esports
  • LOC Esports
  • Medal Esports
  • The World of Battle
  • Gujarat Tigers
  • Autobotz Esports
  • FS Esports
  • Marcos Gaming
  • Gladiators Esports
  • Hindustan Gaming
  • X7 Wolves
  • Big Brother Esports
  • Midwave Esports
  • Redemption Crew
  • Signify Esports
  • Hub Esports
  • Team Mayavi
  • WSB Gaming
  • Lucknow Giants
  • Team VST
  • Bloodrose Esports
  • Team Silent Killers
  • X7 Officials
  • Gods Reign
  • Dragon Esports

BGIS 2023 Round 3 Format

In Round 3, the 224 qualified teams from BGIS Round 2 will join the 32 teams qualified from BGIS 2023: The Grind Week-5. These 256 teams will be divided into 16 groups, with each group featuring a mix of teams.

The top four teams from each group will directly advance to Round 4, which will also serve as the Quarter Finals of the tournament. Importantly, the fifth-ranked team from each group will not be eliminated. They will enter the “Losers Bracket,” providing them with a second chance to mount a comeback and continue their journey in the tournament.

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