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Counter Strike 2 Rank Distribution Percentages Revealed

Nearly two weeks have passed since Valve implemented a new ranking system in Counter Strike 2, and fans of the tactical shooter from throughout the globe are tuning into the title to test out their competitive skills in the newly-introduced Premier matchmaking in CS2. The new and revamped ranking system, CS Rating, is exclusive to the Premier Mode in CS2, and it aims to address all the problems that the previous ranking system in CSGO suffered from.

The lack of transparency in the ranking system of CSGO has always been a major cause of concern for the game’s player base, with players often complaining about receiving no rank increments despite winning a bunch of games in a row. Moving forward, the new CS Rating will be able to precisely display a player’s skill by assigning each player an elo between 0 and 20K+.

Curious to find out where you stand on the new and revamped ranking spectrum of Counter Strike? Fortunately, it seems that the rank distribution graph of CS2 has already been revealed by third-party websites.

Leetify, a popular third-party website to keep track of stats involving CSGO, has already revealed on Twitter the current rank distribution of CS2. According to the data, there is a consistent increase in the number of players within each CS Rating group up until approximately 9,000 CS Rating. Beyond this point, there is a gradual decline, with a mere 0.3% of players achieving a CS Rating exceeding 20,000. Fans can check out the graph embedded below for more details.

When comparing these figures to the CSGO ranking system, the differences become apparent. In the current CSGO rank distribution, there is a consistent rise in player numbers up to the level of Master Guardian Elite. Notably, the highest rank in CSGO, Global Elite, represents nearly 6% of the game’s total player base.

As CS2 remains in its closed beta phase, it’s worth noting that the distribution of player ranks in the game is likely to change as more people gain access. This means that as more players join and play the game, the way ranks are distributed among them will shift. It’s a natural part of the game’s development and reflects how the player community and competition are evolving. So, be prepared for some changes in the ranks as CS2 continues to grow and improve before its official release.

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