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Best BGMI Teams and Players in India

Battlegrounds Mobile India aka BGMI is one of the leading esports title in the mobile gaming that have huge fan following amongst the fans in India. A number of pro teams throughout the region compete with each other to be the best team. The craze of the game amongst the fans has led to the rise of mobile gaming esports.

We have brought you the best BGMI teams in the region that are dominating in the PUBG Mobile Esports. To let you know, these teams are randomly placed irrespective of their rank given in the article.

Team Soul

Team Soul is one of India’s oldest esports teams that has witnessed the glory of winning esports events in the past years. And it looks like, the new squad had made their way to bring those moments back for their fans. Under the guidance of Soul Sid, manager of the squad, the team has been performing well in recent events. The team had a decent performance in the PMWI 2022 Main event.

Global Esports

The fighting spirits of the team are high and the squad stood in with their call sign “GE Fighting”. BMOC 2022 was their first official tournament where the team excelled well and made their way through the BMPS 2022 Season 1. The squad also won the BGMI Masters Series which was broadcasted on TV.

OR Esports

OR Esports is the home to India’s most experienced esports player of Battlegrounds Mobile India. These players know the details of the game that helped them to make their way in the BMPS 2022 Season 1 and secured the second spot in the overall standings. OR Esports was the top finishing team in the BMOC 2022 Round 4 Group 3 overall standings.

Team XO

Team XO is one of the most consistent team in the BGMI esports ecosystem. Team XO has won various third-party events with some famous esports players in the squad such as Fierce, Punkk, and many more. The team is led by Deepak Negi aka Sensei, who is looking to lift their next official trophy.

Godlike Esports

This team needs no introduction, the squad is filled with BGMI stars who have shown their metal in various events. Godlike Esports have India’s one of the best assaulter, Johnathan. The squad is well known for its aggressive gameplay on the battlefield. They finished at the second spot in the BGMI Masters Series.

Now lets look at the best BGMI players in the region that are dominating in the PUBG Mobile Esports. To let you know, these teams are randomly placed irrespective of their rank given in the article.

Soul Goblin

The fan base is familiar with Goblin because he is the first on this list. Goblin, who is presently the standout player on Team Soul, possesses extraordinary firepower comparable to that of the majority of BGMI professionals in India. He is still a developing player who lacks LAN tournament experience among other things, but his basic technical prowess more than makes up for these weaknesses.

Godlike Jonathan

Jonathan “JONATHAN” Amaral, an Indian player who presently competes for GodLike Esports, requires no introduction. He is one of India’s top athletes and has played for his nation abroad. He is renowned for both his long-range sprays and his jiggling, or close fighting.

XO Punkk

Indian gamer Ashutosh “Punkk” Singh is now a member of Team XO. He previously belonged to Team Mayhem, but in August 2021 he switched to Team XO. Punkk has been a terrific addition to the team and has assisted them in winning numerous championships. In Upthrust Esports India Rising 2022, he received the MVP award.


Team XSpark’s Sc0ut is known as an international player who has put an Indian name on the global roadmap. He recently proved his worth once again when he got the chance to represent India at his PMWI After Party event. He played as part of the team 7Seas Esports and although they were unable to keep up with the competition, Sc0ut once again had a glorious moment by securing his chicken dinner on the international stage.

OR Attanki

Randeep “Attanki” Singh Bhullar is an Indian player currently playing for Orange Rock. He is one of the veteran players in his BGMI esports ecosystem and has entered the competitive game. He plays the role of an attacker and is known for his game sense and skill.

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