Bella Poarch drops new ‘Dolls’ music video ft. Minecraft Fame Dream

TikTok star Bella Poarch single ‘Build A B*tch’ has turned some heads when it dropped but we were deprived of a music video of her new song, until today. ‘Dolls’ as she has named it, is the music video for her single featuring some of internet’s biggest celebrities.

Her first song was a sensation, racking up over 400 million views on YouTube, not to mention the millions of features across TikTok and reels on Instagram and Facebook. Her latest song ‘Dolls’ is making it was to follow up on the success of its predecessor.

What has called for more attention is that, her new music video features more than one internet personality, with Dream, Valkyrae, Ludwig and more as opposed her last video which only had Rae in it.

The music video builds on the storyline set by her previous song ‘Build A B****’ where she managed to escape from the factory where she was built. The new video finds Bella on a journey to track down those responsible for the factories along with her friends who happen to be internet personalities themselves.

Overall, the song as well as the video is extremely well received by the community which makes it safe to assume that this video will reach the same heights of success as its predecessor did.