Battlegrounds Mobile India sending your data to a Chinese Server: Report

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Recently, Krafton has released the early open-access of the Battlegrounds Mobile India for the beta testers. The game is yet to be officially released in India and for ios users.

It is expected for the game to be released for android and ios users soon. It has not been more than one week since the game’s early access release, the PUBG Mobile rebranded version has gotten into controversy. According to IGN’s latest report, data from the Battlegrounds Mobile India android devices might be sent to Chinese servers, Tencent-run Proxima Beta in Hong Kong.

The report states that some IGN India readers found with the anonymity that data has been sent and received by the Battlegrounds Mobile India APK is from China Mobile Communications servers in Beijing, the Tencent-run Proxima Beta in Hong Kong, as well as Microsoft Azure servers located in the US, Mumbai, and Moscow.

The team investigated by installing a data packet sniffer app on their Android phones. Which helps to know which servers any particular device communicates with.

They set it to log all servers that Battlegrounds Mobile India would talk to when playing the game. After playing the entire match, it revealed one of the servers run by China Mobile Communications Corporation and located in Beijing, China.

Although, Krafton’s Battlegrounds Mobile India terms of service states that personal information of players would be stored and processed on servers based in India and Singapore, it also mentions that the company may “transfer your data to other countries” in order to meet “legal requirements”. But transferring players data into the servers run by Chinese company can land the developers into problem.

To let you know, On September 2nd 2020, Government of India banned PUBG Mobile along with another 117 Chinese apps. The major reason for the game’s ban was the presence of the Chinese entity of Tencent Games. Once again, the presence of another Chinese company in the game could delay its release.

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