Photo via BLAST

Berlin Major runner up Avangar, finally took home e top-tier premier trophy in Moscow, they faced serious challenges on their way to the finals. To reach here they had to best MIBR, NaVi, and ENCE, on the contrary ForZe were the least favorite coming into the tournament, but they dominated top teams to reach the grand finals.

The final brawl was set to be in Overpass, Inferno, then followed by Dust 2. Overpass commenced with Avangar edging out the first half with a single point lead but they managed to dominate ForZe once they switched over the CT side, closing the map 13:16 in their favor. On paper, Avangar won the match but at times Forze looked like they were going to run away with it, but Jame turned up for them on the CT side and put those chances to bed.

Moving over to Inferno, ForZe started on the CT side, player playing off each other, and supreme decision making gave them the edge over Avangar, tactful economic decisions, and some players turning up for their side gave them a 10:5 lead on the first half, thanks to Jerry’s triple kill hold which steps out among the rest of superb clips. Once they switched sides, Avangar seemed to have found their footing as they were closing in on the gap but only managed 7 rounds while ForZe managed six thus closing the with a 16:12 scoreline favoring ForZe, thus taking us to a third map. Jame’s 1v3 clutch was the best play so far from any player on this map, beside AdreN managing to stop a defuse in a critical situation.

The final map was Dust 2, where ForZe were heavily bested by Avangar. They only seemed to have managed 4 rounds on their CT side, xsepower clutched a 1v2 to take the round but Buster’s 1v3 stole the highlight clip from him. They only took 2 rounds on their T side which wasn’t good enough to close a 4:11 scoreline they managed in the first half. Finally closing the map with a 6:16 scoreline. Avangar showed confidence and held strong as they took the prize home, Jame was blessed with the MVP of the tournament due to this standout performance for his team.