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Astralis Group plans first ever IPO for an esports team

Danish esports organization Astralis have announced that they are going public on 9th December 2019, making them the first eSports organization to do so. Nikolaj Nyholm claims to have securing funding “from a range of Asian and European investors” in an interview with Bloomberg.

Astralis’ CEO Nikolaj Nyholm

Astralis boast of the most successful Counter Strike team in history of the game and have recently stepped foot into other esports like League Of Legends and EA Sports’s FIFA. The company is aiming to secure between 16.7 to 20.1 Million Euros.  

“We are pioneers already standing on solid ground”, “And through this IPO we seek to strengthen the foundation to invest further in the development of the world’s strongest esports team brands within competitive, digital live entertainment,” Nyholm mentioned in their IPO brochure. According to Esports Insider, Astralis have partnered up with data analysis firm Newzoo.

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