Astralis decimates G2 3-0 at ESL One Road to Rio Europe Quals

Astralis have bested G2 Esports in a three map series in the grand final of ESL One: Road to Rio - Europe Qualifiers.

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The ESL One Road to Rio came to its final stage where the current #1 team in the world Astralis faced G2 in a best of 5 series where Astralis already had a map advantage due to them coming from the upper bracket. We had seen Astralis performing brilliantly in the recent games and had lost just a single map out of 11 maps they placed recently. G2 also played quite well and made their way to the finals by defeating Faze 2-1 in their last game. We saw Astralis defeating G2 3-0 and securing a spot for themselves in the ESL Rio major.

The map veto started with Astralis removing mirage and G2 banning Overpass, then we saw Astralis picking up Nuke as the first map of the game and G2 picking up Vertigo. Astralis then picked up Inferno as the 4th map pick and G2 chose to play Dust2 as the final map of the game.

The first map of the final was Nuke and it started with Lukas ‘gla1ve’ Rossander picking up three top notch pistol kills from his glock and starting the game at a good note for his team. The next few rounds saw Astralis just going berserk on their map pick and started to lead the map 7-0. Later on G2 did pull off some good rounds with the heroics of ‘JaCkz’ and ending the first half 9-6 in the favor of Astralis.

The second half started with ‘Magisk’ picking up 3 kills from his USP in the eco round which was actually surprising as he had just 2 kills in the whole first half. The buy round was the same story as well as Astralis were on a different level and led the map 14-6. Astralis then easily closed out the first map of the game 16-6 and we saw Nicolai ‘device’ Reedtz just going crazy with his AWP throughout the map and had a 24K-13D in the map.

The second map of the game was Vertigo which was G2’s map pick and it began with Astralis yet again winning an eco round with a CT side retake and securing the first round of the map. The following rounds were just a disaster for G2 as Astralis were on another level today as they were not giving them even a single chance to get back in the game and led the map 11-1. This map was just a walk in the park for Astralis as they just went insane on this map and we saw the first half ending 13-2 in favor of Astralis.

The second half was the same story all over again as Peter ‘dupreeh’ Rasmussen got three amazing kills from his glock and there was nothing else left in the match and Astralis ended the map and the game with winning 16-2 on vertigo and winning the series 3-0.

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