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Assassin’s Creed Codename Jade: All you need to know

About two minutes of gameplay from Ubisoft’s upcoming open-world mobile game Assassin’s Creed Codename Jade has leaked online a few days ago. Currently, there are multiple YouTube channels dedicated to gameplay from the game.

Many people were able to gain access to its beta version by completing a unique app registration process.

It is essential to remember that the footage that was stolen belonged to the beta version of the game. Because of this, the features, locations, and other aspects that are now available are subject to change and may not be included in the game once it has been officially released for players of mobile games.

Meanwhile, Ubisoft has not yet made any formal announcements regarding the beta test or revealed any details about it. Several gameplay elements, weaponry, characters, and places have been revealed, as seen in the video that was illegally distributed online.

A look at leaked footage from Assassin’s Creed Codename Jade

Many other locales, including Fushi City, Redwoods, Didao Ridge, the Great Wall of China, Gaonu, Gaonu Terrace, and Yangzhou City, may be seen in the video that was accidentally released online. In addition to gameplay, the videos featured some animated sequences called cutscenes. 

Thus, players can see characters like Dengling Bai (Juzi of the Mohists) and Wei Yu (Leader of Moxia, the Mohist Warrior).

The combat resembles Assassin’s Creed’s core games, especially recent RPGs like Origins, Odyssey, and Valhall.

Moreover, typical role-playing game features such as customizing your character’s abilities and weaponry, stockpiling supplies, and weighing your decisions can all be observed.

The leaked video shows a player taking on a range of activities, such as defending Yongning Village, going on a family hunt, and battling against Xiongnu attackers.

There should be a wide variety of weaponry to choose from, as befits an action role-playing game. Leaked footage provides a peek at many types of weaponry, including knives, swords, and bows, among others.

The developer has clearly put in a lot of work to make the mainline Assassin’s Creed experience look and feel as nice as possible on mobile devices, and the results are extremely pleasing to the eye. 

It’s plain to see that players have plenty of options for personalizing their avatars within the game. You have complete control over your character’s appearance, including their hair, nose, cosmetics, eyebrow shape, and beard.

The addition of a wide variety of new locales and objectives, all of which serve to increase the game’s overall level of excitement. The character has a wide range of abilities, including parkour, zipping through ropes, high jumping, climbing, and more.

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