After a couple of years of beta, alpha and numerous successful quality assurance test runs, SoStronk anticheat could now be the next project. The development team of SoStronk has been communicating about their anti-cheat for quite sometime now.

According to the company’s social handle, SoStronk has already rolled out the installer. The new program will be first tested for reliability before making it a core part of the application.

SoStronk anticheat

Users who wish to enable the anti-cheat can do so by enabling it from the app settings. The desktop application now supports the anticheat. You can find the option in Settings -> General -> Anticheat.

SoStronk anticheat

SoStronk has been the choice of the professionals and the majority of the Indian & Asian Counter Strike community. The rise of their user-base, have, in a manner, attracted the hackers too.

SoStronk is considered to be one of the best CSGO match making platform in Asia. Valve’s ignorance to the hackers and FACEIT’s non-availability of servers in India, cruised SoStronk to become one of the largest CSGO platform in the world.

Overseas presence

SoStronk has been the choice of professional event companies. The reliability they claim was proven when it was the chosen platform for PGL Major. Their entry to tap the Asian professional scene was successful through their Get Stronk! tournament which attracted an immense presence.

Moreover, with the likes of Sudhen ‘bleh’ Wahengbam being an active part, SoStronk has an excellent profile overseas.

Repute in the community

SoStronk’s success comes packed with their divergent operation into unique community-driven events, professional scrim, 128-tic PUGs, ranking leader-board and an exclusive market. SoStronk anticheat was the only odd reason why they had to bear the brunt of the criticism, if at all. Despite building the application from scratch and giving the community an alternate to the hijacked Valve Matchmaking, anticheat was still the problem.

The launch of SoStronk anticheat will certainly take the company to the right direction. The community will even have their share of celebrations on a possible elimination (probably) of hijackers.