How to Fix “ unable to connect” Connection Problem?

Apex Legends New Update

Another day, another set repairs to “ inunable to connect”, the mysterious issue that has been engulfing Origin and EA players.

EA released Apex Legends Steam to reduce the server load, but servers can get quite overloaded very often, leading to the unable to reconnect issue.

However, you won’t be able to access Origin clients due to temporary connection problems.

This article is for EA/Origin players who are experiencing difficulty with this issue. You will also find reasons why the connection problem could occur. 

What are the Reasons Behind the “ unable to connect” Issue?

EA servers can become overloaded, but there are other triggers that could cause your account to be unable to access Origin games and services. These are just a few of the many reasons you should be aware.

  • Servers

EA and Origin services are kept running by servers. EA offers a variety of games and services online. EA must connect to the servers in order to provide support for gaming and other activities. If the servers do not respond, however, you will receive a connection error.

EA has admitted that its servers were overloaded by the overwhelming response from users quite a few occasions.

While there is nothing you can do about an overloaded server, you can notify EA and monitor its progress via its Twitter account. You can use DownDetector to monitor the status of your servers while on the move.

  • Poor internet connection

A poor internet connection is another common problem with Origin and EA that can cause an “unable-to-connect” issue.

As you are playing a serious game, you need an internet connection that is reliable and has low ping. You will have problems with your internet connection if you don’t have a reliable connection.

Ookla allows you to check the internet speed and ping. An Ethernet cable can be connected to your computer for a faster and more reliable connection. For a faster connection, talk to your ISP. Finally, an amplifier can be used to amplify Wi-Fi signals across a larger area.

  • Incorrect Network Configurations

An incorrect network configuration can lead to problems connecting to EA servers and game clients. Resetting the network can make all the difference.

  • Firewall Issues

If the Windows Firewall, or any third-party firewall, is involved, you could also face the “ unable connect” error. It could block your access to the port servers from the game client.

How To Find “ unable to connect” Connection Problem?

You can try a variety of troubleshooting options to resolve this problem on your computer.

Check EA Server Status

This is a specific method you can use to determine if there is an outage on EA Servers, or if there is another issue that you need to resolve.

EA offers different games. Each game is stored on its own servers. has more information. If you use the Nintendo or Xbox gaming consoles, you may also experience outages.

Preliminary Diagnosis & Fix

If you can get over the fact that there are no EA server outages, then it must be something else.

Here are some ways you can perform a preliminary diagnosis, and then fix any components that may be causing the problem.

  • Start the game

Sometimes bugs and software glitches can cause problems when you launch the game or play it. The problem can be solved by restarting the game in some cases, if not all.

  • Restart your router

This is recommended if you experience an unable-to-connect issue on EA’s game client. It could be due to a network or software problem.

  • Restart your PC/Console

That’s the next step that you can take logically. A quick reboot of the console or PC can improve performance and fix any temporary issues.

Check out the Type of Account

Online gaming requires a subscription from the console company. This includes Playstation Plus, Xbox Live Gold and Nintendo Switch for PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo. You can check your account status to see if there are any problems.

You can also check your EA account status if it is applicable. If the game requires you to have an EA Play membership before you proceed, you will need one.

There you have it. Here is a list of troubleshooting strategies and methods that you can use to resolve the unable connect issue on your console/PC. We would love to hear what solved the problem.