Apex Legends cheaters now receiving permanent hardware bans

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Respawn entertainment the name behind Apex Legends is handing out permanent hardware id ban to users who are caught cheating. According to a post on Reddit, many cheaters on cheat forums are crying foul over getting HWID bans and claiming that the cheat sites lied about cheat being safe to use and undetected by anti-cheat.

With Apex Legends claiming the number 1 spot of ever so popular battle royale mode, there in an influx of new players due to which the cheating problem grew and before it could get out of hand Respawn implemented a neat solution of banning the HWID and all accounts related to that HWID getting banned within 30 minutes. Although there maybe ways to spoof hardware id, but they’re irrelevant as the procedure of changing hardware id is difficult and anyone without proper knowledge won’t be able to do it.

This is a bold move on Respawn’s part to tackle the cheating problem, which remains a source of headache for other game developers (i.e. Epic and Pubg Corp.). The way Respawn handled this is commendable and a welcome move that others might follow soon.

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