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Apex Legends Catalyst: Release Date, Abilities, and More

Catalyst is the upcoming Legend in Apex Legends that’s all set to hit the live servers alongside the Season 15 update in November 2022, and the community is eager to know more about this new Legend. If you’re looking to know more about Catalyst in Apex Legends, we have you covered.

In this article, we’re gonna take a look at the upcoming Legend Catalyst, her release date, abilities, and more.

Apex Legends Catalyst

Apex Legends Catalyst: Release Date

As mentioned earlier, Apex Legends players will be able to get Catalyst once the Season 15 update drops. While the release date for the S15 update hasn’t been set in stone yet, fans can expect it to drop around November 1st.

Apex Legends Catalyst: Abilities

The official abilities for Catalyst haven’t been revealed by Respawn Entertainment at the time of writing, but we’ve seen plenty of leaks in the past to make an educated guess about what her abilities will be.

Here are the abilities of Catalyst that have been leaked so far on the internet:

  • Reinforce (Passive) – Standing near your ferrofluid structures, doors, and other Legends placeables will strengthen their integrity and allow them to take significantly less damage.
  • Ferro Shot (Tactical) – On impact, the shot creates a ramp of hardened ferrofluid that can be extended with more shots. Can also be used to create platforms on walls (Max 3 structures).
  • Ultimate: Iron Tower – Ferro fluid rises up from below, pushing you upwards while creating a tall solid column under you.
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