Among Us Dev Is A Fake Copy, Don’t Fall For It

More and more fake Among Us websites are surfacing on the internet that appear to scam Among Us players with the promise of free skins and items.

If you’ve been playing Among Us for a while, then you should be familiar with the heaps of hats, costumes, or pets that are available in the game for free, or for a small price. While all of the in-game cosmetics add a nice touch to your character, it appears like some websites are abusing the players’ demands for Among Us skins to scam them.

Some fake Among Us giveaway websites claims to provide players with custom skins for the murder mystery and that too, free of charge. It’s easy to see how newer players could find themselves falling for such websites and get their time and money ripped off from them.

One example of a website like this is ‘’. The website advertises custom player skins like ‘God’, ‘Dinosaur, ‘Spiderman’, or ‘Rainbow’, none of white exist in the actual game.

Upon clicking one of those skins, users are required to complete a survey, which is in itself a complete scam. Even if someone manages to complete the survey, they won’t be rewarded with any free item whatsoever. 

At times, websites will ask for money before shipping free skins to the players, which, needless to say, is a scam as well.

Among Us is not the only victim of these scam websites either. These scammers generally hunt the games that see a significant rise in popularity over a short period of time, which is why we have seen a bunch of ‘Fall Guys’ scams in the past.