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All Halo Infinite Multiplayer Edition Rumors Point To An Early Release Today

Today is the 20th anniversary of the legendary Halo series and Xbox. As per some rumours flying around the internet, Microsoft may announce the early launch of the Halo Infinite Multiplayer today during the Xbox Anniversary Event.

Amid the ongoing rumours, a brand new trailer for the Halo Infinite live-action series “Lightbringers” was published today showing off the backstory of how Master Chief got his exoskeleton technology. A line from the video reads:

“After the bombardment of a UNSC excavation site, colonial miners volunteered to extract an ore critical to the Master Chief’s exoskeleton despite the threat of the cave collapsing.”

This teaser further solidifies the rumours of an early Multiplayer launch announcement today. As announced before the launch, Halo Infinite Multiplayer Edition will be standalone and “free-2-play”. 

Halo Hub, a dedicated Halo outlet also claims that a playable demo of the campaign will be available today with the launch of Multiplayer Edition. Also, they noted that the popular streamers and gaming personalities know about this information but can’t say anything as they are currently under NDA.

Regardless of the NDA, notable Youtuber — NatetheHate, who was one of the original leakers “confirming” the multiplayer rollout, is now saying that the multiplayer release itself has been delayed due to an unexpected bug with the demo that was letting people access the full story, and 343 is rushing to fix it.  But it will still launch on November 15th (today). 

While notable leaker — HaloDotAPI, said the Multiplayer Edition will drop a few days later than the 15th but the servers will go live on Monday.

An earlier listing on Microsoft Store was also spotted which referred to the 11-15-21 date as release date which now read 12-8-21 instead. Even some devs were spotted playing the multiplayer matches, and allegedly some are telling friends privately to “take tomorrow off work.”

Pringles also had a countdown timer running tied to a Halo promotion event that indicated some form of gameplay would start on Monday (i.e 15th November), but by the end of the day, they removed the countdown timer from the event page. 

Currently, Halo Infinite will officially release on 8th December on all platforms and will be available “day one” on the Xbox Game Pass. We have to wait a few more hours for any confirmed news as every rumour points to the Xbox Anniversary event today scheduled to start at 11 am PT / 2 pm ET and will be streamed live on Twitch.tv/Xbox

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