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Acer Predator India qualifier: Players unhappy with rulebook and Qualifiers

ACER PREDATOR LEAGUE 2020 Indian qualifier runs into controversy, players unhappy with rules and qualifiers format.

Acer predator league is the biggest tournament for the PUBG PC players of India having the biggest prize-pool of INR 15 Lac and chance to represent the country in the Asia-Pacific finals LAN event.

Rulebook for the tournament states rules from the old scoring system which is outdated from more than 9 months and not the Super Rule-set which is now used in every PUBG PC Tournament.

Online Qualifiers format is far from optimal with only a BO1 match deciding the teams to qualify for the LAN in Bangalore which will lead to qualification of teams which have very less competitive experience and will lead to really mediocre level of skill group in the Bangalore LAN Final. 20 teams will be qualified for the LAN in Bangalore which is also not acceptable as tournaments in the current scene.

Many prominent players which are constantly participating in the tournaments in India have voiced their concerns over the use of a rudimentary point system and a non optimal qualifiers format which gives room for a-short-in-the-dark result rather than an optimal one. These players now want to reach out to the organisations involved and the scope of changes they are looking to purpose.

UPDATE: Acer India and The Organisers are changing the rule book and Qualifiers format from BO1 to BO5 online qualifiers and the LAN in Bangalore too being a BO5. The point system is also being changed to the system which are used in current Meta and the Number of teams for the LAN has also been reduced to 16 from 20 as per the PUBG Esports Super settings suggests.

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