A Pokimane fan calls her “chubby” and she returned the favor

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The most popular female streamer Pokimane runs into many awkward road bumps, part of which includes casual taunts and insults from her viewers, but in all her years of streaming, she has learned ways to ease past anything they throw at her and that is exactly what she did when a fan donated $2 to call her “chubby”.

During one of her regular streaming sessions, a fan came by to donate $2 that accompanied a message that essentially called her chubby. “Not to be mean, you look kinda chubby” read the message. The message was noted by Pokimane with thousands of viewers watching, which she followed up with an appropriate reply, that would send the fan packing.

“Damn, this is my life. Sitting here, having people pay to call me ‘chubby’,” the streamer clapped back. she said.

“I can’t tell if that’s a good thing. Does that say more about me or about you?” the streamer added. “I’ve never paid to tell anybody anything. Are you into that sort of thing? You can tell me! We keep secrets here. I won’t tell no one…” she added.

Spending money only to get humiliated in front of thousands would definitely teach the person a lesson. If what he/she sought was attention, that was there in plently.