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A gamer helped raise nearly $660,000 in 12 hours for Covid-19 relief efforts

Seán William McLoughlin or better know by his YouTube alias Jacksepticeye has helped in raising around $660000 for COVID-19 relief funds, where the Irishman himself put in a whopping $100000 from his own pockets.


“Words can’t express how crazy today was. We ended the stream at $658,730.57. I am so emotionally overwhelmed but I have nothing but love and gratitude to all of those who donated and made such a huge difference today. I love you all, thank you! ♥️” read his Instagram post.

McLoughlin was formerly associated with several fundraisers in the past, and in general, is looked upon as one of the kindest personalities in the YouTube community. He is often seen making comedy content with other YouTube stars like Markiplier and PewDiePie, and the trio is considered as close mates off camera.

Jacksepticeye announced a few days ago about his charity stream which will be aimed at helping the COVID relief forces with financial support. The 12 hour stream generated around half a million dollars, and him putting in a $100000 resulted in a sum of $654,884.10.

Sean’s efforts as it seems were not in vain, he alone was managed to generate such big numbers which was essential now more than ever. His commendable effort was made successful with the help of the community members who shared his vision and decided to lend a hand in making his stream a grand success.

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