How to bunny hop in Valorant

In a game like Valorant, bunny hops are really crucial as they help the players in faster rotations or to reposition yourself during a team fight, so this is how you can master the technique of bunny hop.

Bunny hopping usually known as strafe-jumping can be practiced by the players in Valorant by synchronizing their aim placement while moving sideways using your “A” and “D” keys.

The method created by Jack Dice showcases the players how to get in a good hop to dodge some of the abilities of the agents such as Sage’s slowing orb in Valorant. After entering the Practise Range, Jack showed how to pull this movement off by holding your “W” key to go forward until you reach a full sprint and then continue jumping while altering your viewpoint looking left or right with “A” and ‘D” keys respectively.

Jack_Dice posted a 1 minute guide on reddit for beginners for learning the technique of bunny-hopping. He even outlined the main points that can help players improve their cross-hair placement and accuracy.

Another user “Jhad31” noticed that holding “W” is not required. He observed that learning this technique without holding “W” as a training wheel can allow the players to do bunny-hops sideways and even backward freely. Learning how to strafe-jump is really important in tactical FPS games as it increases your chances of beating your opponents with respect to close angles and also helps in escaping in dire situations during a fight. You can read more articles about Valorant in our Valorant Coverage.

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