After the departure of Rahul “t1to” Sridhar, Tejas “Rexy” Kotian, Chinmay “Poki” Mehta and Sabyasachi “Antidote” Bose, Mumbai based organisation has announced it’s latest CS:GO lineup. However, this lineup will seize to exist only until the COBX Masters and the future remains uncertain. The previous core of 2EZ Gaming has been acquired by Global Esports alongside a couple of Poles.

2EZ Gaming’s squad for COBX Masters Qualifier:

  • [flag=in] Varun “spy” Mehta
  • [flag=in] Aaquib “FalKen” Dingankar
  • [flag=in] Saharyar “BaDMaN” Shaikh
  • [flag=in] Shreyas “p7” Poojary
  • [flag=in] Sunny “Recoilmaster” Gadge

Saharyar and Sunny have played for 2EZ Gaming quite a lot of times prior to this. Both of them have been go-to players for the Mumbai based organisation. Aaquib got on-board the roster alongside Sabyasachi during October 2018 and he has remained intact under the 2EZ banner.

Varun has played for Shooting Monkeys, Team Brutality and Mammoth Gaming prior to joining 2EZ Gaming. 20-year-old has displayed insane individual skills at various occasions on LAN. Shreyas has made quite a name for himself when the 24-year-old represented Team IYATI at ESL India Premierships.

After a month of absence, it finally feels good to get back to Counter-Strike with a fresh lineup. It’d be interesting to see what these five get on the table since the stake is quite high at COBX Masters.

However, this lineup will play under 2ez tag at COBX Masters only, we will analyse the outcome and seek the further step.

Ameya Mankar, Founder, 2ez Gaming.

The current lineup will be in action at COBX Masters Qualifier later this week. COBX Masters is a premier esport event with a whopping prize pool of $200,000 USD divided across two popular titles – CS:GO and Dota 2.