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100 Thieves’ Steel Explains Why Valorant Rank or K/D Don’t Matter in the Pro Scene

The former Counter-Strike pro has shared his thoughts on how fixating on someone’s Valorant rank can potentially be a “horrible mindset” to have.

In any competitive shooter, players are generally concerned about their in-game rank and overall kill/death ratio, which may seem quite reasonable since the rank determines where they stand on the competitive spectrum compared to other players playing the game.

However, 100 Thieves’ star Joshua “steel” Nissan has recently spoken up on Twitter about how Valorant rank or K/D aren’t important in the professional scene.

“Played games on a new account and the number of people in plat/diamond/immortal that have this superiority complex that they’re better ‘cause they have more kills or a higher rank is actually sad and gross,” steel said in a Twitter thread and proceeded to explain his thoughts further in an attached video.

“Pros will change how they play the game just because they want to be viewed a certain way by the community,” he said. “And I think that’s a horrible mindset to have.”

“When you stop playing this game, no one is gonna be like ‘remember this guy, he was Radiant,’… no one gives a f**k,” steel continued.

He further claimed that “stats in a vacuum don’t mean shit,” explaining that a player can have a better kill count by baiting teammates, taking exit frags, or simply picking Duelists.

“Nobody cares about your rank in this game. Play to get better and the stats/rank/elo will reflect it,” Steel concluded. “The moral of the story is: Get good and fuck all the noise.”

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