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Does League of Legends: Wild Rift have controller support?

League of Legends: Wild Rift is a new title developed by Riot Games to port the PC League experience over other platforms. League of Legends can be considered as the most famous MOBA title in the market and its mobile version is following in the footsteps. Wild Rift became widely popular in the beta stages itself and is looking forward to a successful global launch very soon.

The game has been designed specifically for mobile and console users and hence, a question arises that can players use their controllers to play the game. Currently, one can not access Wild Rift using a controller as it is only available for mobile devices with touch support.

Wild Rift is supposed to be launched for console devices as well but Riot has not addressed that development yet. The closed beta phase started for the mobile devices in the SEA region and since then, many regions are added to the list but there has been no word regarding the use of a controller.

It seems like Riot Games will not encourage the use of controllers to play Wild Rift as the game was built from scratch specifically for the mobile gaming fanbase and the original version of this game, League of Legends, is already available for PC gamers.

The only difference between these two games is that minor altercations are done to Wild Rift to better align with the mobile MOBA games and make it a stable game. The main problem was keeping the mechanism of the game exactly similar to its PC counterpart but significantly reduce the match time and developers have been successful in doing so.

The chances of Wild Rift getting controller support are very low at this stage but it can be added to the game in a few months. As mentioned above, the developers have not addressed this yet, and hence, the idea of using a controller to play Wild Rift on mobile devices is not clear for now.

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